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Promotional Products Done Right

  • The power banks were actually here by noon on the day they were promised, December 11. That was excellent service and a nice surprise. My husband's lab members are thrilled with the gift. They love the functionality of it and as well as the logo imprinted on it.

    Christine, Stanford University
  • The team at Promo Sherpa get it. They have been very helpful in helping us identify and secure the right promotional items for our brand. As a start up, everything we do is important and needs to make complete sense with the brand experience that we are building.

    Douglas, Tennessee
  • We absolutely LOVE these products. We have ordered from several companies in the past and I have to say nothing comes close to the quality that Promo Sherpas provides. Thank you so much for going through the LRG certification. I really look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again so much!

    Ashley, Liberty University
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Total Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction ensuring that:

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  • We offer the lowest price
  • The product meets your expectations
  • Your order ships on time
  • The imprint matches your approved proof

So What Does That Really Mean?

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If your order doesn’t ship on time, we will pick up expedited freight.

Should you receive your order and it not be of the quality expected or it fails to match your approved proof, we will reprint it or refund the amount of your order. We'll even pay for the shipping to get the problem product returned.

It is that simple.

Sherpa Guaranteed!

As Sherpas, it is our job to help you find the right promotional product for your goals and budget. More importantly, we also guarantee that it will arrive as expected.

Learn More

Promo Sherpas came alive in 2013. We quickly topped the competition and now stand out as the best and fastest growing wholesale promotional products company in the market. Success begins and ends with YOU. This is our blueprint for YOUR customer satisfaction:

  • Streamlined price structure – NO FRUSTRATING HIDDEN CHARGES OR CONFUSING RATES. When we say that, here’s how simple we’re talking:
  • FREE: PROOFS and VIRTUALS are free – ALWAYS!
  • FREE: SAMPLE PRODUCTS* Want to get a sample promotional item in hand to see it before you make your purchase choice? Enjoy it on us. All requests placed before 4pm EST will go in the mail the same day. *($10 value or less. Shipping charges are not counted toward the overall $10 value)
  • FREE: artwork – all vectors and logo creation are done free with guaranteed fast turnaround

Here’s the bottom line: Total Satisfaction Guarantee

  • no one in the industry beats our prices
  • your order will meet your quality and value expectations, period
  • we race to clock to get your order out the door and in your hands on time, every time!
  • when you approve your proof, you can trust that your order will match it

We don’t get caught off guard or let our customers down. If we can’t get your ‘ship to’ time, expedited shipping service is on our dime. If what you order is not to your complete expectation because of quality, misprint, or an imperfect match with your proof, we remake it to your liking and resend it on the house. Or if you’d rather, you get your money back. Easy enough? Simple no risk guarantees, this is how Promo Sherpas does business!

Do Promotional Products Really Work?

Promotional items work and a recent nation wide customer survey shows it. Here is what we know:

  • They have a 88% memory recall rate - your name will last in their minds
  • Does it end at simply remembering? NO - 85% of those with your promotional product will come back and do business with you!
  • Who likes to receive promotional items? Most everybody to the ring of 83% of people.
  • 53% of consumers use them weekly
  • Almost HALF keep to their promotional items for more than a year
  • 93% of all people have them in their kitchens
  • Nearly 75% keep them at their workplace

The study shows that promotional products are valued, visible, used, and kept around at incredible rates. What does this means to you: Multiplied. Power. At home, at work, everywhere they go! Think of it, your reach doesn’t stop at the customer who gets the promotional item – its reach goes to everyone who sees that brand on the shirt, tool, cup, pen, tech tool, etc. It manages to be a conversation piece and a silent (yet so, so loud!) advertiser that speaks to everyone who comes into range. Better than printed advertisements, more far reaching than social media, beyond the impact of TV.

Top Product Categories:


We have promotional pens for every occasion. Select from a wide variety of styles, colorful designs, and ink insert colors. From an executive board meeting to the classroom desk, we’ll get your custom pen fit! Plus, we offer free setup and free shipping on over 100 pen styles.


Comfort and function. Trend making, business appropriate, jobsite ready promotional bags - they need them for EVERYTHING to haul their stuff, get them logoed with your brand! Check out our bags and totes. Hot styles like our custom drawstring bags, promotional drawstring backpacks, custom tote bags, and customized duffel bags are our top picks!


Keep it cool, keep it hot, keep it classy! Metal drinkware, plastic sports bottles, economy drink cups, promotional mugs, etc. A major trending industry promotional item - special occasions and every day use. You can never go wrong with a custom water bottle for the gym or a custom mug for morning coffee. Put your logo where your mouth is :) Quench thirst and make impressions.


Make it a walking advertisement! Casual, work, sports, sleep, and all of life’s moments. Find them all in our enormous catalog and let us embroider or imprint it for you! Wearables go the distance for your brand - pick a top selling embroidered polo or basic promotional tshirt.


The hottest trend of today in wholesale promotional items. Promotional power banks, custom usb drives, styluses, tablet keepers, promotional speakers, chargers, iGadget tools, mouse pads, earbuds, phone accessories - if it’s tech, it’s here. We didn’t miss anything! Get your brand on the electronic gear that’s in every pocket, in every vehicle, on every desk, in every home, everywhere!


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