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Bags, Bags, Get your Clear Bags!

“Next. Excuse me, ma’am, I’m going to need you to step over here with me. Can you please open that for me? Please empty that bag. Sorry, this isn’t allowed. Please set this on the measurement scales - ooooh, too bad. This is two inches too big. You’re either going to have to put this back in your car or I’ll have to confiscate this. Going to the car? Ok, when you do, be sure and go to the back of the line. Sorry for the inconvenience - that’s event policy.” This is not the  conversation you want to have when you’re in a rush. “Sir, hey, that tote isn’t transparent - you can’t bring that in here. Take your ticket and remove that from the concert then come back.” Tick - tick - tick - time is winding down.


How would you like to miss the first quarter of the biggest game of the season? How about the first 30 minutes of your #1 band’s show? Imagine missing your daughter’s graduation or your brother’s recital. Would you rather be in this line or that line? Hope you’re not in a hurry! What a way to ruin such an important day! Sorry, that’s life and there’s a good chance that this has happened to you or someone you know.


Transparent plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that are 12" x 6" x 12" is the going standard. And real talk, even before the current security rules, you probably got your bag rifled through by some gatekeeper anyhow - nice and invasive, huh? Expect to run into this step at any setting that hosts big crowds, has restrictions on allowed items (food, drink, recording devices/cameras, etc) or has tight safety policies. Think about most concerts, airports, professional conferences, theaters, legal proceedings, and educational functions. Cut out the middleman, even if your venue doesn’t require clear containers. Keep the lines moving! Security can go through your bag without having to open it! Don’t run afoul of the badges at the door and have to hike it back across the parking lot with your stuff in tow. The only other option is to plan to leave your bag in the car or dump its contents in front of crowds of strangers if you aren’t carrying the right one. No one wants that hassle.


Modern security measures demand a change from the way things were. At the same time, we have to have our bags because there’s always something to take along. Keys, wallet, umbrella, tickets, sunscreen anyone? No one is leaving home without those. Problem, meet solution. Clear gameday bags are the next necessary investment for you and your clients. Be prepared for all your amazing events with absolute peace of mind. We Sherpas didn’t leave all our event fanatics crying outside the arena. These stadium must haves are the tools of our modern world. Schools and pro leagues both acknowledge present safety concerns and now many have set policy in place requiring clear bags only. The NFL and the majority of NCAA have implemented this rule. PGA and LPGA require special bags as well.


Sherpas got way ahead of the game on this one by providing you these sweet options below. 

Clear Security Tote

Clear Reflective Tote Bag


Be safe and be compliant! Made of vinyl and PVC respectively, you won’t deal with the wrangling at the door. Save yourself from all the inconveniences - speed through that line with the confidence that your carrier is event approved. They’re constructed of clear material with an top opening for easy access inside. These little Promo Sherpa wonders feature comfy handles that take the burden out of carrying your things. Both meet NFL security standards. While you’re at it, let your name make the rounds at the big event - put that brand in front of thousand of eyes. So as you and your VIPs are gearing up to go out for fun and travel, be sure and reach for these Sherpa newcomers.



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