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Apparel is the closest thing in range when you make eye contact with another human, and it is quite literally wrapped around every human interaction you will ever make. It turns your head everywhere you go. It draws attention and sends messages like nothing else. Where there resides immense powers of communication, your brand, your company, and/or your logo stands to be most powerfully rendered and remembered. Apparel can do that for you and your message in spades.

We’re talking about everything from custom t-shirts to custom hats, custom hoodies and personalized sweatshirts for promotional purposes—on the trade show floor and beyond. Each kind of apparel--from custom polo shirts and dress shirts to custom jackets, scarves, vests and beanies—offers not only a different implied “style” message, but a different format for more direct and personalized messages, company logos, imprinted slogans, images, and other printed information.

It all starts with a need. Everybody needs clothes-- to stay warm, to go out of the house, and let’s face it--to not get thrown out of the grocery store. That’s where it begins. But we also have a need to share messages and receive them. Apparel is part of a shared conversation in society.

Whether they realize it or not, everybody is already sending messages with the clothes they wear: they feel good in dark colors; they’re proud of their body; they’re not proud of their body; they are professional; they are rebellious; they are playful or sociable. Sometimes the messages they send are not so subtle. They like this sports team, they like that musician, they like this politician, they HATE that politician. The power of custom or personalized apparel as a way to send messages far and wide is that it is cheap to make, it is a miniature mobile billboard going wherever the wearer goes, and it draws the eye in ways other things cannot. You can’t help but watch people walk up the sidewalk or down the airplane aisle without sizing up all the messages they are sending with what they wear. Humans are infinitely interesting to us, and what they are wearing is an important part of that flow of information.

Everybody is wearing clothes and always looking for more. Why not meet their need with your message? It’s a win for them and it is a win for you. It is a down payment on their loyalty, and it does your advertising or marketing work every time they put it on.

Promo Sherpas can help get you there. The Sherpa people are an ethnic group from the mountainous region of Nepal. Sherpas are highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain. But the term goes beyond ethnicity. It is used to refer to almost any guide, climbing supporter or expert hired for mountaineering expeditions, regardless of their ethnicity. Reaching all those clients who will benefit from your service or your message is the mountain you are climbing. We are the trained and experienced experts who will help get you there. A Sherpa pushes others into the spotlight and is happy to fade into the background. We are eager to work for you, helping you reach the summit ahead. We assume the risks with you, and only when YOU succeed do we succeed.

And yes, we know how to pick up the pace when needs arise. We’ve developed a knack for it. We offer RUSH service, and are prepared with an array of 48 hour and 24 hour rush products. Just ask!

Promotional products work, and apparel is at the top of the list. Everyone not only receives promotional apparel with a smile, they use promotional apparel (often immediately!). Not only do they use it, they have an affinity for collecting and wearing it, and often they develop a pride in associating with your particular message, especially if they have any connection—even a distant one—to your industry. We can help you determine the best way to get your message out there. In a sea of suits at networking events and conferences, those customized t-shirts just might stand out. Among a flood of casual dressers, your company polo or custom dress shirt could help raise your professional standards in the eyes of others. There is a lot to consider, and we want to help get you there.

To that end we offer you the magic of our Promo Wizard. Try it for yourself. You select from a list of industries and themes, or even pair them together. You select a prospective quantity and budget, and the Promo Wizard goes to work to find you exactly what fits with your mission. Change the budget, change the theme, and get a feel for what is out there without anyone looking over your shoulder. If you have any questions along the way, we are standing by and happy to help.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. All of our products come with a total satisfaction guarantee. After each order is delivered, we follow up with you to ensure that your order was received on time, everything was right and that the quality met or exceeded your standards. We wouldn’t do that if we didn’t already stand behind our products and the suppliers who manufacture them. When it comes to our vendors, we have loyal working relationships. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve orders, from placement to tracking to handling and delivery.

As always, we at Promo Sherpas are striving to stay on the leading edge in the promotional products industry. The bottom line for us is providing our customers with the best promotional product options at competitive prices in a wide range of product categories.

Take a look. We think this could be beginning of something great for you and your company.


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