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Let’s shine a light on why custom flashlights are a great promotional item.

We don’t need flashlights until we do, and then we REALLY need them. Power outages, roadside emergencies, camping trips, checking under the hood at night, crawl spaces, attics, finding that lost shoe underneath the bed. For all their importance in low-light and emergency situations, flashlights are incredibly inexpensive to make. Likewise, people tend to want to always keep them on hand for just those must-have situations, which all means that personalized flashlights make for a great promotional product.

These aren’t your father’s expensive, clunky flashlights. Remember those? Heavy, always needing new batteries, incandescent light that might stop working if you dropped it once? The technology has improved and now the prices for a flashlight are the only things that keep dropping. Flashlights are brighter than ever, lighter than ever, more durable than ever and more energy efficient than ever. LED technology is a large part of this. Because they are simply designed, they pair nicely with other accessories and functions. This puts the power in your hands. It’s worth considering what will suit your clients, customers, and/or employees best, and then putting just the right logo imprinted flashlight in their hands.

Storage and transportation of flashlights has come a long way. Some come with magnets for easy storage on a refrigerator or inside a car trunk. Wrist straps make working or walking with flashlights easier. Carabiner hooks make hanging them up, or securing them on the go so much easier.

Additional paired accessories can include anything from knives or screwdrivers (as in a multi-tool flashlight) to bottle openers to tire gauges, to light-up pens to tape measures to umbrellas to portable phone chargers. We even carry a three-in-one emergency safety tool, which includes a hammer to break through glass, seatbelt cutter and dynamo flashlight.

Power sources include hand-cranked lights (never needs batteries), and USB-chargeable flashlights.
Illumination power has gotten stronger, so flashlights have gotten smaller. You might consider keychain flashlights (key lights) for large volume giveaways at low overhead cost.

Are your customers the outdoorsy types? What about a lantern flashlight for camping? Do you serve people in emergency or roadside service industries? What about a flashlight that can be stored in a vehicle with a range of particular emergency functions? Are your clients in construction industries? We’ve got a variety of flashlights that are great for the construction site, or on the tool bench at home.

No matter what you choose, we at Promo Sherpas want to help you see your way to the best promotional flashlight for your needs and the people you want to reach with the message of your goods and services. Check out our inventory through our website or call us at 844-277-5950 so we can work with you to build a giveaway or marketing campaign that customers rave about.


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