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How wide is that doorframe? How high is that counter? How many inches of clearance do I have? And exactly how long is the.... These are questions we’ve all found ourselves asking, and we never seem to have a tape measure when we need one most. Sure, there’s one somewhere, but it hasn’t been seen since 1999.

Give your brand exposure in the everyday lives of your clients and customers -- whether they’re measuring garage doors or cement floors, chair legs or wall pegs, window panes or sink drains. They’ll see your logo whenever they look for a tape measure, and they’ll never throw it away since it’s so useful.

Do your customers like gadgets? Try a tape measure with a built-in level, or even a tape measure with a level and a pad of paper. Multifunction junction, here we come! Or, if your clients are frequent travelers (and these days, who isn’t), give them a luggage scale with a built-in tape measure. And, of course, there’s always your traditional, plain-jane tape measure -- always a winner. Whichever you choose, your brand will be synonymous with helpful service, accuracy, and quick results each and every time something needs measuring at home or in the office.

We’ve got it all at Promo Sherpas, and we think our catalogue is the perfect way for you to get measurable results with your clients and customers. On the road at a trade show or convention? We offer RUSH service, and are prepared with an array of 48 hour and 24 hour rush products. Just ask!


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