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The world of custom made backpacks has rocketed to new heights. We have learned from a recent study conducted found that backpacks are a $2 billion business with double-digit growth. What slice of that pie are you getting? Look, somewhere in that vast sea of money is a niche for you to carve out by getting your brand on this extensively sought after merchandise. Custom made backpacks still do much of the same as they always have, but there is more accessorizing than ever before. With the personal tech boom (laptops, notebooks, and smartphones,) backpacks have been reworked to accommodate all that digital gadgetry. Promo Sherpas has custom made backpacks that meet all those tech age demands. Nicer models have also become acceptable as a part of a business casual outfit ensemble. Certainly, Sherpas has several stylish business handbags and briefcases. Those aside, even standard top loading backpack models are fashionable now. You’ll notice modern businessmen and women carrying these more than ever. They’re trendy and make a great complement for almost every outfit. A brief scan of any crowd will tell you that virtually everyone is carrying them. So let Promo Sherpas set you up with custom made backpacks.


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