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Got your hands full? Trying to juggle a jillion things at the tradeshow? Have a cabinet full of plastic grocery bags at home? Here’s your solution: get into our custom bags.

As people are becoming more eco-conscious we are seeing a move away from plastic grocery bags. ‘Green’ initiatives are bringing about policies which tack on fees for plastic at the store or, in some cases, cut them out altogether. Here’s a chance for your custom printed tote bags to make their debut! Whatever your motivation, thinking green or being thrifty, customized tote bags are a perfect answer. Your clients will welcome them for their utility and value.

If you’ve been a vendor before, you’ve probably already seen others using the custom totes idea. When you give away customized tote bags at conventions, fairs, trade shows, etc, it’s like taking everyone else’s promotional swag and stamping on your brand. Your custom tote bag is in hand the rest of the show. You have instant walking advertisements courtesy of each attendant. But it doesn’t end there. This reusable piece goes back home with them and then to the library, the coffee shop, the park, the farmer’s market, the concert, and the sports stadium. Without having to spend any more advertising dollars, your brand keeps getting shown.

How else are these customized tote bags a promotional win for you? Think about that outdoor event. No one wants to put down their nice carrying case or purse on the dirt, sand, or damp grass. Come to the rescue with a basic carry bag that can handle the terrain. Give them tote bags custom printed with your logo. Outside venues will have your name all over it!

Customized totes are great customizable inventory items in your marketing collection. These bags are durable bags for daily life. They can be rolled up, folded, or stuffed for easy storage. Our custom tote bags range in size—big enough to pack for a weekend getaway or small enough to carry a bottle of wine to a dinner party. And these are easily cleaned and ready for reuse. Depending on the fabric, you can throw your custom tote bags in the washing machine or rinse them in the sink. We carry custom tote bags in many different fabrics so you can find the perfect match for your clients - felt, polypropylene, canvas, cotton, and more. Pick the fabric for your need.

A tote bag imprinted with your logo will stretch your logo’s exposure. You have probably seen 15-20 of these today during your normal routine. You saw them at work, passed by them on the sidewalk, sat beside one on the shopping mall bench, watched them loaded with groceries. So now ask yourself - ‘why not make that my brand getting that exposure?’

Whatever your personalized tote bag needs are, Promo Sherpas will have what you want. Shop through our large variety of custom tote bags for your audience. Scroll around our custom tote bag selection or call us today at 844-277-5950.


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