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There is no better reward than loyalty, and you earn loyalty by keeping the office functioning at a high level and by giving good custom rewards.

We’re talking about meeting the needs of your modern office and rewarding your employees regularly for a job well done. Personalized office supplies and desk accessories go a long way to creating an environment that makes your employees feel comfortable and appreciated, not to mention working efficiently. All this goes to maintaining their pride and loyalty for the employer who keeps them stocked with exactly what they need to make the work day go.

Promo Sherpas offers all kinds of little treasures for desk spaces and workspaces you could never imagine unless you saw them with your own eyes. Whether on the convention floor or in the office, people have seen their fair share of company pens or t-shirts, but part of the magic of a promotional product can be the element of surprise and delight at the creativity that went into bringing a promotional item to them. “How did you think of doing this?” “This is amazing!” That is the beauty. We are happy to keep the secret between us and let you take all the credit with these little goodies, all with your personalized logo on them.

Sometimes it is the little things that matter. Calculators, rulers, magnifying glasses, letter openers. Doesn’t it feel great when everything you need at your desk is in easy reach and promotes the company? Scissors, paper clips, stationery cubes, packaging materials, rulers and card holders. Watching the clock is never a bad thing when it is a promotional clock or watch they have in the office or on their arm. Keep employees cool with a promotional fan. Long days at the computer are always easier with computer mirrors, cord wrappers, and screen cleaners.

Give people a chance to personalize their space as well with unique picture frames, promo stickers & decals, lanyards and magnets. What about desk toys to lighten the mood, like rubber ducks, stress relievers or solar powered dancing flowers? How about a desktop piggy bank?

Marketing, advertising, or general awards give employees a sense of pride. They post them prominently, and it raises the class of the organization. Consider our walnut plaques (with brass nameplate) or our matte finish color plaques that can be hung, or come with an easel for easy desk display or why not a custom trophy?

At Promo Sherpas, we want to outfit you with the desk accessories and awards that will make everyone affiliated with your company feel special. Take a look at our inventory and options, talk to us online, or give us a call at 844-277-5950!


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