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Personalized stress relievers (custom stress balls) are the cute kittens of trade shows and conventions. Nobody can keep their hands off of them. Sure they don’t store data or keep coffee warm, but they are irresistible, engaging, and they bring out our playful sides. While they might not serve as the serious anger management tool that their name implies, or be a serious crisis aversion method, they keep things light and fun from the convention floor to the workplace to the homestead and that is invaluable. The association made with promotional stress balls is instantly positive. They are received with a smile, tossed back and forth, and playfully bounced off the head of the new guy. They travel well. People hang on to these squishy treasures, keep them on the desk or in the car, or keep them handy around the house for playtime with the kids. For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

Are you in health-related fields? Try a personalized heart stress reliever. Do your clients have a love of sports? Of course they do. We will custom print your logo on anything from squishy golf balls to football stress balls. Communicate the global reach of your company with a globe stress reliever.

A smart marketing campaign recognizes the value of playfulness and fun in the workplace. Balanced moods pave the way for getting serious work done. For that reason, customized stress relievers are a great bet, and always a fan favorite. Check out our inventory online or call us at 844-277-5950 so we can put some balls in your hand today!


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