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When it’s time for fun in the sun, you need them. If you’re commuting on an especially bright day and the glare is getting the best of you, you need them. If you have to have a fashion accessory to accent your eyes, you need them. Grab your shades - they’re needed for all this and more. Personalized sunglasses could be a bright idea for a marketing strategy.

Sure, not everybody looks as hunky wearing them as Brad Pitt. No one will ever don them as classically as James Dean. Not everyone has Corey Hart’s ability to wear them at night. But one thing’s certain - whether you’re wearing them to make a statement on style or just to keep the UV out of your eyes, sunglasses are for everyone. There are more reasons than you might think at first blush. Besides fashion and basic eye care, others are medically prescribed. Some are designed as protection for sports and recreation. It would be a safe wager that you probably own more than one pair, quite possibly for more than one purpose. If you’ve not added promo sunglasses to your inventory, then you’re missing a significant niche in the promotional products business. Don’t be nearsighted when it comes to a product with such mass appeal.

A recent survey suggests that 85% of people in the US say that using sunglasses is important. It is hard to get 85% of folks to agree on anything. With decisive numbers like that, custom sunglasses make sense. Our promo sunglasses have a lot of utility and several personalization options.

Put custom sunglasses to work advertising at golf events, road races, or summer sports league. If you have an outdoors sports shop for cyclists, hikers, surfers, snowboarders, rock climbers, ect, stock up for your store. Vendors can promo sunglasses to outdoor events as either giveaways or as retail items at your booth. You’re sure to find the right budget to fit you. The price ranges from just under $1 for our bargain custom sunglasses brand to $100+ for our designer styles General and Cyrus. Promo Sherpas promotional sunglasses can be imprinted in many ways: one or both of the lenses, one or both of the temples. For most, you can make any number of combinations of those options.

We have a nice line of promo sunglasses styles: aviators, butterfly, rectangle, round, shield, square, wayfarer, and wrap. And of course we have a selection of accessories for your custom sunglasses such as keepers, auto visor clips, and straps. When it comes to finding a name you can trust in for custom printed sunglasses, Promo Sherpas is the one to remember.

Study your client contact list and start making notes - here’s an item that’s bound to satisfy everyone. Whatever the taste, whatever the price point, we have a vision for you. Get to your phone and let’s discuss which of our cool shades work best for your product lineup - give a ring to 844-277-5950 or scroll through our website inventory.


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