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Time to fire up the team, the clock’s running down. Get a symbol of solidarity for the crew. Rally towels are the emblem of victory and grit. As far back as the 1920s, the craze was born with a college basketball head coach. He used his towel as his own little flag to marshall the fans to wilder enthusiasm and players on to higher energy performance. Now 24 U.S. major league sports teams, and thousands of college and high school sports teams twirl those towels for team spirit. It is a cultural phenomenon. They strike fear and elicit anger out of opposing teams and fans. How could you better inspire a little extra power and make your own name and brand known? Isn’t the answer clear? Weekend warriors, has-beens, pee wees, grade school, high school, college, or the seasoned sports vets - your money is well spent when you advertise with custom towels.

Rally towels hit at the sentimental core of human loyalty and fandom. They are a token of the true blue and a dreaded statement to opponents. When the morale’s rising, the colors fly high. Let it be your rally towels flying high with team color flags, novelty giant foam fingers, and homemade intimidation posters. They belong on the sidelines with coaches and players and in the stands too.

If you’re working with local arenas, schools, YMCAs/YWCAs, CrossFit gyms, pilates studios, spas, then it is time to outfit with these sizzling imprinted sports towels. Break in your promotional products with the sports you serve. Whatever crowd you’re catering to in the whole world of athletics, they need your customized rally towels.

Premium quality is a bottom line basic guarantee when you spend your cash at Promo Sherpas. We Sherpas raise the bar high, especially in our logo towels department. We have the best suppliers working on our side to deliver satisfying service and products. Your brand is always safe in our hands.

Promo Sherpas never encountered a towel order that we didn’t love. Challenge accepted? Great, how big is the number needed? How fast you need them? Got a crazy imprint/embroidery request? Give us the art and watch the work get done! Our team thrives on hard work, splendid outcomes, and jobs well done. Let’s reach that next peak together. We’ll have an artistically embroidered or well crafted transfer processed towel in your hands as fast as you need. Your next event or sales promotion is no deadline we won’t meet. Need them at the conventional hall or your hotel room? Fine, we’ll come to you! If it’s a little outside the box and we’ve never done it, that is the more incentive for us to take on your job. We are in competition with ourselves to outdo our last custom made towel order! We didn’t get to be industry leaders by thinking small! From here all we need is your inspiration and partnership. Let’s make your next campaign in promotional towels your best campaign yet.


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