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Cheap, fast, and out of control. Custom beer koozies with your custom printed logo are an excellent way to promote your products and services using high volume at low overhead. Customizable can koozies move fast at trade shows and conventions. Everyone wants one. They are usually received with a back slap, fist pump or “Woo hoo!” and the friendly association the client or customer makes with your company comes at the best possible time after receiving your customizable can koozie—after work, at home and on the weekends when the customer or client is drinking, fishing, barbecuing, vacationing or generally just having a good time with friends and family, so this is a promotional item that always carries with it a bit of fun and comradery.

A koozie or a cozy is a foam sleeve that acts as a can holder and is designed to thermally insulate a beverage container, whether a can or bottle. Believe it or not, you have a few choices to make. Customized koozies generally are made of collapsible foam for easy shipping, handling and storage. If you choose a polyurethane foam, it is known to drinks cooler longer. Custom beer koozies come in all colors, and we even offer a camouflage (camo) koozie and a full color koozie capable of being imprinted with photographs and photo quality art. When it comes to printing your logo, you have options for one-sided printing, two-sided printing, and even three-sided printing (both sides and bottom). We also offer uniquely shaped bottle buddy coozie and wine coozie.

Customizable can koozies are just one way Promo Sherpas can help put you in touch with the people who need to know about you. Sherpas are traditionally regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain. We are here to get you and the message of what you do to the top of the mountain, where as many people as possible can see it. We want to push you into the spotlight while we fade into the background. Seeing you reach the summit is what we consider success.

We know that sometimes last minute needs arise. We are standing by to help you get the right custom printed can holders and beer cozies in your hands as fast as possible, if need be. We offer custom koozies fast, with an array of 48 hour and 24 hours. Just ask for custom koozies fast!

We see promotional products work, and beer cozies are always a fan favorite. It often creates an instant bond because of the less serious nature of the promotional item. They joke that they want to use it immediately, and it opens the door to conversation about your products and services.

All of our products come with a total satisfaction guarantee including our customized koozies. After each order is delivered, we follow up with every client to ensure that your order was received on time, everything was right and that the quality met or exceeded your standards. We stand behind our products and the suppliers who manufacture them. Check out our online catalog, give us a call, and most importantly—get cozy!


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