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Take a memo: custom notebooks are a great way to make inroads with students, business professionals, and just about anyone who is putting pen to paper in the course of their day.

In the same way that pens are among the most popular promotional items, custom notebooks, memo pads, and journals cover the second half of that same opportunity—we are always writing things down. We do it at home, at school, at work, virtually everywhere; notes, meeting minutes, lists, brainstorms, phone numbers, sketches and the like.

While you can stamp your name across just about any promotional product, there is something about customized journals, jotters, and notebooks that really stand out. Among other things, it is unique in the promotional products universe. Few out there are cornering this market. Edge out your place in the custom notebooks niche.

If you are struggling to figure out how they would work for you, here are just a few ideas. Suit out whole classrooms or schools if you serve or work in the education sector. The promotional pads and notebooks marketing idea would go over particularly well with school administrators and teachers. Get the local school board or graduate program hooked onto these. This product choice is perfect to link into literacy programs and reading drives. Market our journals as diaries - so many folks still want their most intimate thoughts written for their own reflection and personal benefit. Put them into the hands of book clubs or religious study groups like Bible studies and meetings. If you really want to earn the respect of your corporate clients, we’ve got leather journals and our Cutter & Buck legacy ipad notebook, which contains an iPad docking frame and all the bells and whistles of a professional journal. Set up all your VIPs and top clients with this top shelf merchandise to cement their allegiance to your business. Market these to upscale businesses and partnerships that would value such quality products.

Your logo is going to look great on a fresh pad. Centered, framed well, with an air of importance in a bound book. With a long list of imprint options for our custom notebooks varieties, customization is limited only by your creativity. Graphics look particularly good on notebooks. When thinking of the best way to expose your logo or message, color choice is important. We offer spiral notebooks, many of which come with pouches, pens, with sticky notes and or flags for notation. We give you accessory overload for max customized selections there. Mini notebooks and memo pads take up even less space in a bag or briefcase. Our eco-inspired notebooks look great and are a great use of recycled materials.

A good marketing campaign recognizes the value of a notebook or journal with your brand on the front cover. You’ll be getting into almost virgin territory by investing in the custom notebooks pocket. Check out our inventory online or call us at 844-277-5950 so we can help you build the right customized journal or notebook!


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