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Catch a mouse with a better mousepad. Desktop users and many laptop users utilize this accessory daily. Be there to meet the demand of your tech age audience. Let Promo Sherpas suit you with one of our customized mouse pad selections.

There is a significant chance that you are using a mouse pad right now reading this site, the first thing you touched before you logged in or began browsing session. How many times have you looked down at it just today? How many times in the last hour? How many browsing sessions or logins have you had today for work or leisure? How many hours were you on the computer? This alone should give you an idea about the potential here. Impression multiplication with custom mousepads is a guarantee. Mouse pads custom made to your needs - that’s where we come in!

In this day and age of high-functioning mouses and mobile devices keeping us on the go, custom mouse pads—surprise, surprise—are still with us. The ones clients tend to hang on to serve more than just a functional need. This is more than just a strange name on a floppy, square piece of foam and fabric. Let your creative juices flow with the design of your custom mouse pads. They might be decorative. They might create positive associations between the user and your company and services. They might provide ease of use for the desktop user. Nevertheless, they continue to anchor workspaces with a degree of comfort and familiarity and that is not going away. So when you provide your clients with the mousepads they want, you’re staying on the heartbeat of the our modern age.

Do you have a skimpy custom mouse pad line? You might need to step up your game to get noticed in the tech industry and critical to that is custom printed mouse pads. You will get outstanding results by putting your logo on those customized mouse pads of course. But you might consider taking the mouse pad custom idea a little further. What about handy information printed on it? Something visually engaging? Something funny? Creativity, function, or both - you can find the right custom mouse pad at the right price point at Promo Sherpas.

We live in the information age, a time when internet and computer use are not just things taken up casually or occasionally - these things are a way of life for virtually everyone both at home and at work. When you put these on the desks of your target audience, that is a success story for your company and your brand. What we know from a 2014 Pew Research poll is that 84% of U.S. households own a computer, and 73% have a computer with a broadband internet connection. You have customers waiting for custom made mouse pads! If you include businesses, the number jumps up exponentially. No matter whether we are talking corporate, small LLC, utra-technology sophisticated business, or a mom and pop shop, there’s almost certain to be computer usage there. Have you tried suggesting a custom mousepad order to your clients or targeting a marketing campaign focused around reaching your audience at their desk?

Your marketing dollars will be well spent for this 21st century necessity. Depending on who it is you are catering to, our mousepads range from our most basic style for under a dollar to our top of the line model at $6.25. We’ll get you in on or under your budget without compromising quality.

Whatever customize mouse pad ideas you have, we at Promo Sherpas want to help you scale the peak and come out on top. Check out our inventory through our website or call us at 844-277-5950 so we can work with you to build your promotional products line.


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