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We’ve all had that horrifying experience - something vital is going on and there’s the little flashing icon. You’ve got one percent left and you don’t have your charger. You need ten more minutes but, eight minutes screen. Sure, sometimes it isn’t that important, maybe just more of an inconvenience. But when it is, there is no way of bringing that dead gadget back to life. You don’t get a do over, the phone isn’t going to change its mind, and there’s no magic to zap it to full charge.

Nothing is a bigger drain than battery drain in our mobile devices. If you as a company can meet your clients in a pinch, it is with custom power banks. Help them eliminate those nightmarish power downs that can happen in the middle of important calls and texts. Put an end to those frantic moments when your customers are navigating in an unknown area only to have the battery reach that 0% mark. Custom power banks are their answer.

We live at a unique crossroads. With our high tech, on-the-go lifestyles, we need everything our screens can give us, but they aren’t yet capable of giving us all we need without regular recharging. Every day we face to the struggle of our electronics’ batteries running out--especially at all-day events like conventions, trade shows and festivals, not to mention on planes and in cabs. Scrambling for outlets, cigarette lighter ports, or USB inputs is a huge strain, and many times, in these distressing situations, out of the question. Dead batteries mean people will really struggle trying to make it in the world without one of the most urgent life lines. Custom power banks- also called battery chargers- are devices you, your employees, your clients, and your customers can use to recharge electronics like phones, tablets, mp3 players or GPS devices. Can you put a price tag on having your phone back in the middle of a festival?

Custom power banks are great products to add to your marketing inventory. You can hand out power banks for cell phones to your employees and clients as gifts or incentives. Those promotional phone chargers with your logo will be prized possessions. Whether it is for daily use or for traveling, custom power banks are a nice, small luxury to give. They answer the most perplexing scenarios in ways in which customers will be grateful.

You can find many find many different types of portable power banks at Promo Sherpas. There are cell phone power banks that are solar powered, USB car chargers, or mobile chargers that you recharge time and again. These power banks are small enough to carry in a purse or backpack and some come with a key ring so you always have your custom power bank handy.

Check out our inventory of promotional power banks on our website or call 844-277-5950 today to find out how we can help you find the right custom power bank for your marketing needs.


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