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If you are looking for marketing and promotional product giveaways, we highly recommend custom stylus pens. They are more versatile than a standard pen and promotional stylus pens have a considerably higher retention rate. Best of all, we only sell smooth writing promotional pens, so you can count on a great writing experience whether you are buying our cheap custom pens or our nicest metal pen with stylus. Plus you can count on your brand looking fantastic on custom stylus pens with logo.

Remember that first electronic device you had that came with a small plastic stylus? And how fast did you lose that custom stylus pen forever? Exactly. Promotional stylus pens (also known as touch screen pens) are a great way to promote your company.

A stylus (or custom stylus pen, usb pen, or touch screen pen) is any pen-shaped instrument used to input commands to a computer screen, mobile device or tablet. They use touch and pressure rather than ink, and usually have a silicone rubber tip. Tapping, dragging and drawing, a custom stylus pen does the work of a mouse or trackpad as a pointing device. In this era of ever more touch-screen electronic devices helping us work, play and communicate, styluses are making a comeback. Fingers have traditionally been preferred or easier to use, because as opposed to styluses, you never lose your fingers, right?

Here’s the problem--fingers are often oily and dirty. Sometimes it is too cold outside to use fingers adeptly. Fingers don’t always have the right shape for certain applications, particularly on small mobile devices, tiny text and working with words and images at the edges of screens. Using custom stylus pens is easy, generally faster, and almost always more precise. Pens also protect screens from grease and fingernail scratches.

We offer a range of promo touch screen custom stylus pens for modern tablets, phones, and other devices. Who are your clients? Are they note scribblers? Are they artists? Are their devices and tablets a big part of their work, and how so? You may want to specify accordingly, or offer them a pens that fits their particular professional needs. But if you have a wide range of clients, or just want to get your name out there in a fresh way, extra pens come in handy for just about everybody these days, at home and at work.

Your real decisions are going to be based on look, feel, function, and of course price. Some styluses double as a pen, and when the pen retracts it becomes a stylus. Other pen/stylus combos have the pen at one end and the stylus at the other. Others are styluses only. Some have ergonomic grips or added features like LED pen lights.

With your custom printed logo on it, pens create a personal identity and attachment. It is a useful and inexpensive marketing medium with staying power. Clients can slip it into their pocket, and will hang on to it for a while. Write it down—Promo Sherpas can help you find the pens that will serve your needs best. You are going to be buying in bulk, so the relationship between quality and volume is one we’d love to work with you to consider. All of our products come with a total satisfaction guarantee.

And yes, we know how to pick up the pace when needs arise. We’ve developed a knack for getting promo products to you quickly, even if you are on the road at a trade show or convention. We offer RUSH service, and are prepared with an array of 48 hour and 24 hour rush products. Just ask!


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