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Pencil this in—you are going to score big points in your circle of employees, customers and clients with personalized pencils.

Let’s start by erasing some of your doubts. Yes, technology is creating new ways to communicate, and making interpersonal communication easier. Yes, pens are the hallmark of promotional items. The truth is that promoters are so busy trying to play catch up, they often forget how in demand a good pencil still is. Technology allows for more communication, but it still can’t replace the power of the pencil. From the classroom to the workroom to the board room, ideas are born in pencil, erased, and improved. Pencils are the hallmark of ideas in upward development.

Pencils are the staple in our children’s classrooms and every primary education facility across the country. Does your business have a connection to fields of education? Custom pencils are not just for kids. High schools, colleges, grad schools and all institutions of higher learning are the places where business leaders learn, train, and hone their craft, and they are taking notes and drafting in pencil. We offer wooden pencils in many colors and glitzy finishes custom printed with your name on the barrel. A good mechanical pencil is required in many classrooms and in turn preferred by many professionals for its thin lines and ability to work in concise, clear detail. A personalized mechanical pencil is a treasure.

Do you have a connection to any number of the arts? Every artist drafts, sketches, outlines and refines ideas in pencil. Here are some big ones—architecture, interior design, city planning, architecture and carpentry. Carpenter pencils are in high demand in every pocket and at every workbench. The larger flat design means that your custom printed logo or message will loom large in their hands

Why a pencil and not a pen? Ideas change, grow, develop. Pencils can erase. Pencils are perfect for drafting documents and ideas that might change. Pencils don’t leak. Ever had a pen ruin a shirt or a pair of pants? Stop up or run out of ink? Pencils don’t play those head games. Pencils are cheap, and they are more environmentally safe.

Golf pencils are an incredibly affordable mass giveaway. Their range of use extends from the warehouse to the golf course and anywhere in between that someone might need to write something down.

With your custom printed logo on it, a promotional pencil creates a personal identity and attachment. It is a useful and inexpensive marketing medium with staying power. Ensure that your name will stay in the hands of customers and continue to bond them to your company for weeks and months to come—in the classroom, in the workroom, at the drafting table, and even out on the golf course.
Write it down—Promo Sherpas can help get you there. All of our products come with a total satisfaction guarantee. And yes, we know how to pick up the pace when needs arise. We’ve developed a knack for it. We offer RUSH service, and are prepared with an array of 48 hour and 24 hour rush products. Just ask! Give us a call and let us help you make the “write” decision!


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