Customer Testimonials

The power banks were actually here by noon on the day they were promised, December 11. That was excellent service and a nice surprise. My husband's lab members are thrilled with the gift. They love the functionality of it and as well as the logo imprinted on it.

  • Christine, Stanford University

The team at Promo Sherpa get it.  They have been very helpful in helping us identify and secure the right promotional items for our brand.  As a start up, everything we do is important and needs to make complete sense with the brand experience that we are building. 

  • Douglas, Tennessee

We absolutely LOVE these products. We have ordered from several companies in the past and I have to say nothing comes close to the quality that Promo Sherpas provides. Thank you so much for going through the LRG certification. I really look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again so much!


  • Ashley, Liberty University